Top 1.000 advertisers spend up to almost one third of budget on Print

Submitted by: Ulbe Jelluma 11/03/2016

An analysis of data from different sources, including data from Nielsen, Kantar and Acre, shows that the top advertisers in the major markets spend up to one third of their budget on print. The analysis made by LeFac also draws the attention on the different media strategies applied by brands in the same category.


Print’s media share among Top 1.000 advertisers is considerable. When evaluating four of the five major markets in Europe we notice that the Print media share (magazines and newspapers) is between 17 and 28%. Between the countries there are important differences, but the percentages are much more positive than what can be learned from the trade press. 

The French company LeFAC, part of TBS, has put together this overview based upon data from Kantar, Nielsen and Acre. It presents an interesting perspective on the role of print in the advertising campaigns of the 1.000 most important advertisers in five countries. The Top advertisers in the various countries follow a different media strategy. In Italy, Germany and Spain, with a strong concentration of budget on TV, only two other media can take a share of the media market: Print and Internet. The three media together represent easily 85-92% of all expenditures in these countries. In France and Belgium the expenditures are split among four channels, TV, Print, Internet and Radio. 

When zooming-in on the five most important sectors investing in Print media we notice even stronger differences per country. Whereas France, Germany and Belgium are consistent in their Top 3 categories (Information Media, Automotive and Retail), Italy and Spain have very different interests. Clothes is the most important Print category in Italy, whereas in Spain Automotive is the most important. Other categories like Jewellery, Pharmacy, Banking, Insurance and Service can only be found in Italy or Spain. As Retail is not in the Top 5 categories in Italy, at least not among the Top 1.000 advertisers, this also suggest a very different media strategy.

The third graph shows the dominance of Print media in each of the Top 5 categories. For the Information Media category Print media is the dominant medium. Print is the must have medium, as almost 50% of the expenditures for this category are made in Print media. For Retail Print is part of the mix with shares between 20-30%. Advertising for clothes is dominated by Print in Italy, with over 70% of all expenditures. Health and Beauty is also a category where a mix of different media are used as the shares range from 12-40% depending on the countries.

These graphs provide a more detailed perspective of the media strategies of the major advertisers in each country, and also the continuos importance of print media in the mix of the Top 1000 advertisers.