Uhmpangs 'Forward the Cure' Direct Mail aids 25,000 people

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 05/01/2017


Uhmpang hospital in Thailand decided to provide unused and unwanted prescriptions to those whom are less fortunate to obtain medicines. The challenge was bringing discarded tablets or treatments to those who needed them.

The Case Study

Uhmpang hospital enlisted the help from agency Leo Burdett Group to provide a platform in which they could recruit medicines using a paper bag, which doubled up as an envelope. Over 100,000 cure packs were provided for a minimal cost (approx. $6,000USD); a simple packaging soultion transforming waste into something of real purpose. This envelope could then he mailed directly back to the hospital with any leftover treatments/pills to be distributed around the hospitals in Bangkok.


Direct Mail care packs have helped over 25,000 patients at Uhmpang hospital.


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