Using email and mail together delivered super results for office superstore Staples

Submitted by: Elizabeth Tindall 20/12/2016

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Staples, inventor of the office superstore concept, are the world’s largest office products company. They like to keep in regular contact with their active customers (businesses / individuals who have made at least one purchase in the last six months), typically, emailing them three times a week and mailing a flyer every two weeks.

With a highly competitive marketplace and fluid customer loyalty, Staples set out to find the optimum channel mix to generate repeat sales from active customers. 

The Case Study

Staples tested a multi-channel advertising campaign using different combinations of its key marketing channels for active customers. Two waves of tests were sent with four combinations:
1    Mail plus email
2    Mail only
3    Email only
4    No contact (control group)

If a customer purchased online within two weeks of receiving a communication, it was considered a response.


Customers who received a mailing and an email had a till-ringing 605% higher response rate than those who received only an email. Results from the second wave supported these findings.

And there was a further surprise.  In addition to the higher response rate, customers who made a purchase after receiving both the email and mailing outspent those email-only customers by 544%.

Case Submitted By: Market Reach


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