Very created 4,795 new customers with stylish personalised direct mail

Submitted by: Gavin Berkerey 24/11/2015

Brand Name: Very        


The mum-and-baby marketplace is hugely competitive with many big-name players. Online store wanted to be part of this but had low recognition. They wanted to open a new market for through an integrated range of touch points.

The Case Study

They targeted the highly prized mum-and-baby credit customers, bringing together style and motherhood via an online fashion show with a twist. To appeal to the right audience, they harnessed the power of data and creative to reach websites like Mumsnet, Babycentre and Bounty. First, they teased with news about an imminent fashion show they wouldn’t want to miss.

To get front-row seats and exclusive backstage footage before the big day, mums had to give their email addresses. They cranked up the excitement and buzz as showtime crept closer. The microsite featured a teaser movie, the full fashion show at launch, a competition and the chance to buy featured products. hey gave the campaign a fun, fashion-attitude name: ‘Work It Baby.’ The catwalk fashion show theme allowed to feature backstage antics of the producer and stylist, while showcasing a wealth of products for mums, mumsto-be, babies and toddlers.

Direct Marketing was also integral to the launch. They created a themed personalised stylish mailing under the Work It Baby theme. Dynamic personalised emails showcased products the mums were most interested in.


  • The Work It Baby microsite received over 121,000 visits.
  • The combination of creative reward, relevant products and dynamic, personal communications created 4,795 new customers with an increased order value of £145, almost three times more than the average spend.
  • Value to the brand was estimated at £3.4m over five years.
  • The campaign also won a DMA Grand Prix.

Case Submitted By: Royal Mail MarketReach


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