Vogue luxury glossy magazines lead the way for print longevity and success

Submitted by: Jess Taylor 16/08/2016

Around the world, the highly influential Vogue magazine is a must-read for those in the fashion industry and a much sought after vehicle for showing off designer trends. Crucially, it’s also a luxurious treat for millions of women between the ages of 16-80, all fascinated by this exclusive world. The glossy magazine has defined fashion over the past century and reminds us why print matters to readers and advertisers. To read the full article, please see below.

Status symbol
The US magazine’s 1916 launch in the UK was the first stop on Vogue’s journey to becoming a global brand. It launched in France five years later and now boasts 21 editions across the world and 23 million readers globally. It appeals to mainly as a vehicle for top end advertisers such as; Chanel, Gucci and Versace both as a national and global platform for showcasing their brands. Elini Chalmers commented on the status of owning a Vogue magazine “Its hefty price, size and weight command attention and insist that ‘only those serious about fashion’ would bother. It’s not designed for ease. It’s designed for passion.”

An upwards trend
The print title continues to perform strongly, with digital and print circulation in the UK hovering around the 200,000 mark. Importantly, in these times of constant change, Vogue is not resting on its achievements. “Vogue is evolving as a title,” says Tammy Smoulders, Luxury consultant at LuxHub. “They have just launched Vogue Video, they are doing mobile apps, they are not just sitting there saying we are going to stick with print whatever else happens. They are being proactive and reacting to the changes in consumer behaviour and disruption.” By moving with the times and having a crystal clear understanding of their brand proposition, print titles can gain some of the longevity that has kept Vogue at the top of its sector for over a century.