WAM Self-Promotion Campaign Drives 13.5% Growth in Target Verticals

Submitted by: Banita Ranow 24/11/2016

Brand Name: WAM Interactive Information Inc.        


Creative agency, WAM Interactive Information Inc, drives growth through using print within its own multi-media strategy. WAM is a one-stop shop for 1:1 communications in digital and print media, conceiving and executing marketing campaigns that gain traction. WAM Interactive built its own system for delivering affordable 1:1 micro-marketing campaigns, then used it to develop its own business in targeted vertical markets. The results included sustained interest from ready-to-commit prospects and a wealth of success stories among WAM customers who now use its KiTS (Keep-in-Touch) customer relationship management system.

The Case Study


One-to-one marketing is a proven path to gaining attention in today’s overloaded communications landscape, but the complexity and expense of conceiving and executing effective programs can make them impractical for micro-marketing purposes.

Having developed 1:1 marketing expertise for Fortune 500 companies, WAM Interactive sought to enter new markets by taking on the challenge of scaling an affordable 1:1 marketing program for sales agents and professionals in smaller companies. The result: the KiTS Keep- in-Touch customer relationship management system, a drip marketing campaign that can include a monthly newsletter, annual calendar and other items. The system also introduced a new challenge for WAM: marketing the new service to a wide and disbursed audience.


The KiTS System was designed as a tool for WAM customers to conduct self-promotion campaigns, and WAM uses it that way, too. A key target: real estate professionals, who represent nearly 70% of KiTS customers. WAM developed an eight-step campaign for the real estate vertical, including three direct mail pieces and three emails delivered in-sync with an agent’s actual marketing cycle. The pieces showcased the content, branding opportunities, personalisation and customised sales messages that are at the heart of the product’s power and effectiveness. Prospects who showed sufficient interest received a 16-page program guide with print samples. The campaign’s print pieces are produced on a Xerox® iGen4® Diamond Edition Digital Press.



  • WAM’s self-promotion campaign was a great success, driving new subscription growth of 13.5% for an ROI of nearly 380%.

  • Among responders, the buy ratio was about 65%.

  • The campaign also created referral growth of 9%, due partly to the success agents and brokers had with the program—ROI that exceeds 500% for KiTS clients.

  • The sustained WAM campaign continues to provide exposure and subscriber growth

Case Submitted By: Xerox


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