Well Pharmacy uses door drop to rebrand reaching 3.6 million people

Submitted by: Rachel Aldighieri 22/03/2016

Brand Name: Well         Agency: McCann


With 780 Co-operative pharmacies scheduled to rebrand to Well over seven months, the challenge was to convey the name change while ensuring minimum impact on customer attrition and loyalty. Driven by brand research and Well’s vision to be the preferred local community pharmacy, a branch-specific door drop conveyed the brand message as part of a multi-channel campaign and drove brand awareness and recognition, voucher redemptions and an increased basket spend per customer.

The Case Study


Well wanted a local, highly targeted campaign, with the rebrand planned by region, activity focused by area and mailings localised by branch. This enabled the brand to map nearby branches for customers as well as drive awareness. To track effectiveness, the door drop included three discount vouchers to drive visits and spend. Historic data showed 90% customers live within a mile of their branch, so mailing catchments were built individually. Same-sector branches received a shared door drop showing multiple branches, emphasising choice and depth whilst being cost effective. Geographic area and day of rebrand influenced local door drop delivery method: team delivery where households were straightforward; highly costeffective newspaper distribution if penetration was above 60%; and Royal Mail to access rural or highly built-up/secure properties.




Well developed a brand strategy to offer personalised healthcare within the heart of the community, with a focus on being both human and expert. Messaging differentiated Well from its competition: friendly and approachable in imagery and tone without losing trustworthiness. Illustrated images of pharmacists described each element of the services provided. The written with succinct, simple and clear tone of voice and simple messages reassured the customer base, whilst typography, colour and imagery were fully integrated across every element of the marketing plan. An emphasis on the vouchers successfully encouraged customers to return to their local pharmacy to enjoy a discount or trial one of the services available, such as a free blood pressure check. For clarity, the first lines of branch addresses were given additional call-outs on the front.


  • Well ran a rolling You Gov poll both regionally and nationally throughout the rebrand, which showed brand awareness increase month on month.
  • 3.6 million people living in close proximity to Well’s pharmacies were reached, driving 4% unprompted brand recognition nationally over just three months, with recognition rising as high as 12% in targeted regions.
  • From this, 6% of all participants cited door drops as the reason they knew the brand.
  • Voucher redemptions were 0.4% during the period, compared to typical 0.04% door drop rates, and drove an increase in basket spend per customer of 120%.
  • Branch staff feedback throughout the rebrand confirmed customers felt reassured with the change of name, while overall footfall and sales have not been negatively

Case Submitted By: Direct Marketing Association UK


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