World premiere: first interactive paper poster producing music

Submitted by: Print Power 25/08/2014

Enriched paper, for example paper printed with conductive inks, is slowly starting off. We already covered Novalia's innovation and the Lancaster University project of Interactive Newsprint on this website. And now Beck's Beer (New Zealand) and Crystal Light (USA) are using both the technology in posters. Their use is a new commitment to paper innovation. And also confirms the quest of advertisers and agencies for innovative channels. And signal a premiere in outdoor advertising.

Beck's Beer wanted to have outdoor posters that could engage the audience with local music. The outdoor posters produced enable the public to interact with by touching the poster on specific printed buttons and listen to music via integrated loudspeakers. This is probably one of the first times that Novalia's technology is used for a major brand.


Their technology is also used for the poster featuring the US country music singer Miranda Lambert. Her tour is sponsored by Crystal Light and consumers can touch a poster and listen to Lambert's music and Crystal Light promotional messages. "The poster was developed to drive engagement with  consumers at samplings and give them linkage to Miranda and help celebrate her as well as create a memorable impression of Crystal Light" says Jennifer Dahlgren of Crystal Light. "The sounds turn paper into a speaker, which is a really different experience".


Another development, albeit in development stage, is the design of a paper boom box (ghetto blaster). BadaBoomBox, a spin-off from Novalia, has come-up with some initial concept designs that vary between a slick design to a vintage style boom box. The idea is that the paper boom box will serve as a speaker and have the same functionality of the original boom box: playing with bass and treble levels, and use of play, pause and skip buttons. Conductive inks will allow consumers to operate the boom box buttons by simply touching them. As the boom box is equipped with bluetooth it can stream the music from a mobile device as a smartphone and can also control iTunes via the mobile device.

Next to QR codes, Augmented Reality and NFC this is yet another development that can link paper to online devices and make paper a conected medium.  The use of enriched paper also demonstrates the level of innovation taking place. However, it will take creativity and standardisation to take these developments to a next level.

Ulbe Jelluma | Print Power