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28 October 2011 - Newspapers

Newspapers should be present at four platforms, says Mario Garcia: in print, online, for mobile devices and tablets. It’s like a menu where people can choose between a snack or a seven-course dinner, or even taking a pill. People want to choose and newspapers need to offer the choice. In an interview in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, Garcia refers to his 578th project, the redesign of the Austrian Kronen Zeitung. He is the world’s best-known newspaper designer. He refers to a success rate of 75 percent, of having realised increased circulation, and having improved brand personality or repositioning.

Key to the redesign of newspapers is WED: writing, editing and design. With regards to the worry of the WIPO, the UN agency for intellectual property, that printed newspapers would no longer exists in 2040, Garcia reacts strongly: “Nonsense! Paper offers you the possibility to completely disconnect,” says Garcia. “On the iPad you can read the newspaper, but also switch to reading your emails.” This remark coincides with the observation made during the FIPP World Magazine Congress that magazines have the reader’s full attention. A final word of advice from the master of design: “Newspapers need to ask themselves the question: how to seduce the readers. Newspapers need to better explain who they are. They should start a campaign, like for drinking milk or eating more vegetables.”



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