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05 . 04 . 18

A picture tells 110 words

Words by: Print Power
We asked Dom Boyd, chief strategy officer at Publicis London, what the illustration below says about print in a digital world
gerhard haderer.jpg

(c) Gerhard Haderer 2018,

According to Dom:

In an age where the cultural narrative is that digital is the default best option, marketers are unconsciously biased away from print as a traditional and perhaps irrelevant media.

A media that is slow and impersonal in an era of fast and impersonal.

A media that is out of time, and out of step with the times.

Yet that’s a big oversight.

In a culture of shallow opinions, print provides deeper food for thought.

At a time when digital diets have become an echo-chamber of sameness, print is a balanced diet of diverse opinion.

In an age where the stream of consciousness pervades, print provides quality, edited moments that matter.