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15 . 04 . 18

Industry buzzwords explained… sort of

Words by: Print Power
We put industry jargon to a selection of the ad world’s finest minds and returned with some alternative explanations

Hygiene content
Do you mean hygiene factor? Is that what you mean? Because I know what that is. It's the category norm. I think…
Planner at top 100 creative agency

Growth hacking
Is when you trick people into thinking you have a bigger audience than you do. Because if they think you’re massive they’re going to buy stuff. It’s clever, but it takes a lot of skill. I’ve only seen it done well a few times. Think Pepsi. How often do you actually see people drinking it? See? It’s clever.
Head of insight at top 20 media agency

Ah, I’ve heard this before. The best way I can explain it is to think about Wi-Fi. Without it, you’re disconnected. It’s the hub of a campaign. I like it if the hotspot is a person. So, as an account director, I view myself as the hotspot on my account. But I’ve heard of computer hotspots too…
Account director at “a pretty good agency”          

When you employ a load of Instagram bloggers and pretend they’ll make your page interesting. But, in fact, they make it unbearable – unless you’re appealing to children. They like anything… so I guess you have a chance with them.
Cynical business director at global network agency

Unicorn brands
It’s bullshit. Doesn't exist. Just like unicorns.
Same cynical business director      

Recency theory
Looking at how well people recognise something. Because if you’ve seen it recently, you’ll trust it more. I made that up, but it sounds about right.
Unemployed senior brand strategist

Campaign ecosystem
Oh, this is an easy one. Personally, I prefer to use the word ‘organism’. But I guess you can use ecosystem… If you think about it, everything coexists in an ecosystem. Now think about your brand campaign like that too: everything in harmony.
Head of new business at a Shoreditch start-up

Recently retired global chief