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02 . 07 . 18

Magazines work hardest when you’re not working

Words by: Print Power
City A.M. Magazine continues the conversation outside of work hours, engaging readers at their most relaxed – and receptive

As the Innovation in News Media World Report 2018 intrinsically suggests, the smart play for news brands is to try something new. Take the business daily City AM – it’s already unveiled plans for an exclusive member’s club and ditched newspaper inserts in favour of a glossy magazine.

Distributed at regular reader hotspots Canary Wharf and the Square Mile, City A.M. Magazine is also handed out far away from the commute. Why? Well according to City AM COO Harry Owen, it’s all about context.

“We know our readers travel a lot so we put City A.M. Magazine in places where they have more time to browse. Places like Edinburgh Airport or the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.”

It’s a wise move, according to author and behavioural economics expert Richard Shotton, who cites research to show that relaxed people notice 56% of ads, as opposed to 36% when they’re stressed.

No surprise then that many of the adverts are not what you’d describe as impulse buys. The first three are for cars, watches and cameras.

“It takes time to think about those big-ticket purchases,” says Owen. “It’s not like you see an ad in the morning and buy a car in the afternoon. It’s all about environment. About being associated with the right content, the right brand, the right tone of voice. And City AM is just that.”