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29 . 06 . 18

Is it boom or bust for printers? It looks like the former

Words by: Print Power
The print industry is back on its feet. Now it’s time for advertisers to take a fresh look at the advertising opportunities

You’d be forgiven for assuming your local pub boasts brighter prospects than your average paper mill or printer. But no. The latest Drupa Global Trends Report shows that while the print industry has been hard pressed (excuse the pun), there’s reason to be cheerful.

In 2017, print industry turnover in smaller European nations increased, while many larger nations witnessed “stabilising trends”, according to Beatrice Klose, secretary general at Intergraf (the European Federation for Print and Digital Communication. But the positives aren’t restricted to Europe.

“This picture cuts across all markets, be they commercial, publishing, packaging or functional print and in all regions of the world,” Klose adds.

This isn’t to say printers are in for an easy ride. Far from it. The fight will continue into 2018 and on many fronts. Paper supply, fabricated environmental claims, workforce issues and the digital challenge will trouble potential print investors.

But Klose calls on her fellow printers to be brave and “demonstrate that people spend quality time with their newspapers and magazines, so that advertisers will take a fresh look at these media.”

Unconvinced? Effectiveness gurus Peter Field and Les Binet have published studies to show that print gives campaigns a huge boost (more from Peter here).