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24 . 04 . 18

A meeting of media minds

Words by: Print Power
Has print gone the way of the dinosaur? Of course it hasn’t – just listen to the experts…

Emma Dibben, head of print brands, Wavemaker UK

In a world where the digital detox has become a popular pursuit, there are many sectors which are growing in print and this will continue to be the case - albeit in a media landscape which is shifting fast.

At Wavemaker, we use print to deliver some fantastic and innovative content solutions, to deliver standout and a healthy return on investment for our clients.

Dan Clays, chief executive officer, OMD UK

Print continues to play a key role in multi-media strategies for both long-term brand campaigns and shorter-term sales drives. 

We’re seeing that people’s desire for quality editorial is needed more than ever, and for campaign planning, the ability to combine targeted audience reach and advertiser attention with contextual relevancy helps crystalise a distinctive role for print among other channels.

Steve Goodman, managing director, Print Trading, GroupM

Print helps build brands, and that’s a proven fact. But it also helps improve your ROI… I err on the side of saying print will be more beneficial as time moves on, particularly in building brand saliency or trust.

Following recent concerns with some of the larger digital players regarding editorial environments and security of data, there is now a massive opportunity for the printed medium.

Peter Field, author and effectiveness consultant

We are being over-hyped and over-sold on a uniquely digital future. We need to get real and take a more evidence-based view of what really drives effectiveness.

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