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10 . 04 . 18

JICMAIL: “I’m astonished by the numbers”

Words by: Print Power
New research helps media planners understand the true power of advertising mail – using the same measurement standards as other media

It’s the third-largest media channel in the UK. And yet, historically, there’s been comparatively little data to gauge the effectiveness of advertising mail – until now.

JICMAIL is a new joint industry commission that measures the readership, reach and frequency of exposure to each item that comes through the letterbox.

And while it might not sound particularly sexy, the data – which is of the same standard as metrics used for TV, radio, outdoor and press – is a revelation for media planners, making a convincing case for the power of mail in the marketing mix.

According to initial findings, on average 51% of all mail, whether addressed or door drop, is read immediately – with a further 19% followed up on at a later stage.

Each piece that enters the home is also revisited 3.8 times on average, across either format.

And incredibly, 21% of all addressed mail and door-drop items drive commercial actions – including purchase, or visiting a website or physical store.

“Honestly, I’m astonished by those numbers – totally off the general perception that DM is binned,” says Elliott Millard, Managing Partner at Starcom.

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming, the launch of a new currency for mail couldn’t be more timely – providing a robust audience measurement system for a format that doesn’t require consent from the customer to speak to them. 

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