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22 . 04 . 18

Mark Ritson: Old media habits die hard

Words by: Print Power
How a “crazy proportion” of advertisers are missing out on great options
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A report from Radiocentre and Ebiquity (Re-evaluating Media) “laid bare marketers’ perceptions about which channels perform best, and the extent to which they’re divorced from reality”, wrote media commentator Mark Ritson in a recent Marketing Week column.

Evidence shows that, out of 10 platforms, newspapers rank third overall in terms of effectiveness – four places ahead of social media and seven ahead of online display.

Yet, the advertiser and agency consensus is that newspapers rank a lowly seventh.

That might explain why Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecast for March 2018 shows there is little evidence advertisers plan on reducing online media spend – despite concerns over poor viewability, brand safety and fraud.

The figures forecast 40.2% of marketers’ budgets will go to online in 2018, up from 37.6% in 2017.

Ritson tells Print Power: “Old media habits die hard. Most research continues to show 50% to 60% of advertisers don’t even consider news media. That’s a crazy proportion missing out on some great options. The message is not to always use news media – just to consider it.”