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18 . 04 . 17

Memories are made of this: why the French mail market delivers

Words by: Print Power
Media agencies in France use a dedicated tool for measuring media memorisation; the β - score. This score indicates how many people remember the message after the first exposure. The idea of the score is that, as it is important to know the impact of a advertisement, it is also important to know how long a message will be remembered.

β - score of various channels

The β - score shows that media, and not only the message, have a different level of memorisation. An overview of all media shows that Cinema has the highest score (75%), followed by much lower scores for TV (17%), Newspapers & Magazines (10%), and Posters (6%).

A separate study on the various types of mail shows a very interesting comparison: addressed (with name and address) mail scores 61% and door drops 27%.

The β -score is part of mediaplanning as it provides data about the wear-out of a campaign. In other words how long should a campaign run. Using media with a high β -score will prolong the effect of a campaign. And these media will optimise the overall effectiveness of a campaign as this example shows.


The French mail market distinguish between door drops (47,9%), loyalty mail (21,4%), addressed advertising mail (17,9%) and non-retail door drops (12,7%).

The mail industry (research company Balmétrie and Mediapostand Mediapost Publicité) tells us that the French read on average 10,9 mails a week (5.1 door drops, 2,5 loyalty mailings, 2,0 addressed advertising mail and 1,3 non-retail door drops). And they distinguish between 8 different reader segments based upon the readership of addressed mail and door drops.

Other media usage and brand interest of these eight segments allows to address them in a more precise way. This insight is also appreciated by advertisers as addressed mail is among the top 3 of CRM tools used.

For more information about the French mailing market check out this booklet from La Poste and Mediapost Publicité.