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So much better than watching paint dry

Words by: Print Power
Just look at these luscious, lovely ads for Cuprinol's perdy colour range...

When DIY accessories brand Cuprinol arrived with a brief to show consumers how they bring ‘shades of nature’ to the garden, BBH realised it needed something unique to stand out.

As Nick Kidney, Art Director at BBH, explains: “We knew we were going in gardening magazines, and a lot of places with garden sheds, garden furniture and very familiar iconography.”

So, living up to the agency’s mantra of ‘when the world zigs, zag’, Kidney’s creative team focused on combining nature with the act of painting, rather than simply painting nature.

It was the products themselves that gave birth to the final idea, though: “We looked at the names of the paint, saw lavender, and thought: ‘Let’s make the brush out of lavender flowers and rosemary and a sea shell’.”

Print was more than just the right channel to reach the target audience, Kidney believes.

It helped to bring the campaign subjects to life.

“They’re strong graphic images that worked particularly well in print – perhaps because, when you’re holding them in your hands, you get a stronger sense of them.”  

The aim, after all, wasn’t simply to bring out the colour. BBH wanted the smell of lavender and rosemary to leap off the page, or the sound of the sea to roll out from the shell.

Kidney’s parting wisdom for creatives?

Print is about “simplicity of execution”. But mostly, he says, just don’t forget in this digital age how the medium can be a “beautiful opportunity to do interesting work”.