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20 . 04 . 18

“Print is not dead. I f****** love print!”

Words by: Print Power
We asked digital natives – students (and one lecturer) from the London College of Communication – to forecast the future of print advertising

James, 22

BA (Hons) Advertising

It’s funny, because people say print is in decline. That might be the case for some newspapers, but a lot of magazines I read are on the up. As long as that’s still the case, there will be a place for effective print advertising. A lot of the print ads I see are some of the most visually arresting. You very rarely see digital ads with that same level of craft. So surely that must mean that brands advertising in print pay more attention to quality?

Lucas, 22

BA (Hons) Photography

I feel like the newspaper as we know it is disappearing. Hell, even books are going digital. So maybe in the future, print as we know it now will vanish too. That said, I do have plenty of magazines at home. The problem with printed ads is, they’re not targeted. When you buy a magazine, every reader is served the same ad. You log on to Facebook and those ads are meant for me. I don’t like that, but I think that’s where advertising is going.

Annie, 25

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

Print advertising is and will remain important. I’ve always loved traditional design and tactility. So, for me, print wins over digital every time.

Josh, 25

MA Advertising

Investment in print should never die. I have multiple magazine subscriptions. So, for that reason, and that reason alone, I would say print is still highly relevant. I think a lot of banner ads on social media are really bad. A lot of care appears to go into print – though I’m not sure it necessarily captures my attention more.

Chao, 24

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

I think the future of advertising is integrated. The modern world is calling for more digital marketing, but it’s important print media plays a role in the mix.

Louisa, 23,

BA (Hons) Public Relations

Print is absolutely relevant. I see a lot of mates reading fashion mags and print ads really are a massive part. I’ll be honest, though: I don’t read print mags much unless they’re free. And historically, the only one I’ve paid for – NME – has sadly stopped. But as long as the print format survives, so will print ads.

Georgie, 21

BA (Hons) Advertising

As someone who reads a lot of print magazines and newspapers, I don’t see any reason why print advertising is any less powerful than digital. It was seen as an effective way of marketing before the rise of digital – and remains so today. The issue with print is that it’s hard to measure effectiveness. But that doesn’t mean it has simply become redundant. Perhaps what’s needed is a more effective way of measuring performance? Only then will marketers regain the faith.

David, 50-something

Lecturer of Advertising

There is a future in print advertising, because there are so many different mediums. Digital isn’t the answer to everything. People like to hold things, see them, touch them. Print is not dead. I f****** love print! Long live print!