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16 . 04 . 18

Print’s answer to Buzzfeed…

Words by: Print Power
It’s a creative, effective complement to a multi-channel campaign. But sometimes paper has a higher calling… like preventing the coming Beepocalypse
Bee Saving Paper Card.jpg

Google “bees + ecosystem” and you’ll discover some fascinating trivia, like: bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat.

Whether you believe those claims is up to you – but the fact is, bees are a crucial part of life’s fragile balance.

So, the idea that, due to industrialisation and urban development, they now have to fly much further to deliver pollination services worth an estimated $150bn to the world economy is alarming – and an issue that had special significance for Polish shop, Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw.

“Almost all the people in our agency know at least one beekeeper who has lost hives,” says Tomasz Bujok, senior art director. “We simply decided to offer our help.”

But how do you face up to one of the world’s biggest problems, asks Bujok rhetorically? “By using one of the world’s most common materials – paper.”  

Enter Bee Saving Paper – made of innovative, biodegradable material that acts as a kind of energy drink for bees.

Rather than infuse the paper with energy-rich sugars, product developer Małgorzata Lasocka, “who is probably the most skilled paper craftsperson in this part of the world”, produced a paper mixed with a particular form of glucose.

The team at Saatchi then added Lacy Phacelia seeds – “because bees like them most” – and water-based UV paint to mimic pollen fields.

The result is a unique, deceptively low-tech application of the format to a lofty purpose (check out ANGFA’s Washable Book): preserving bee numbers and human prosperity.

“If you are truly innovative and disruptive, you can drive visible change,” says Bujok. “I think the proof is always in the product, not just in the idea. This is the first paper that nature would like you not only to use, but to drop.”

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