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03 . 11 . 17

The power of print in an app-fuelled world

Words by: Print Power
Key industry speakers gather to explore the role of print in a digital age at this year's W&V Future Print Summit

This question will be answered by Stephan Grünewald, psychologist at rheingold institut at the W&V Future Print Summit. The annual W&V Future Summit Print is held this year on 29th November at Süddeutsche Verlag, Munich, sponsored by Print Power, Verband Druck Median Bayern and Media Netzwerk Bayern.

In an increasingly digital world too often the power of print media is underestimated. 

With the effectiveness of digital marketing increasingly questioned, this one-day conference brings together ten leading industry experts who will share their knowledge, with first-hand experience and case studies, on how print is a unique, powerful, and effective channel of communication. Subjects such as creating value with content marketing, neuromarketing, the role of print in the post-digital era and the role of print for millennials. 

The summit features speakers from; Rheingold Institute, The Nunatek Group, IBM Watson Group, STI Group, Alliance Germany, Neuromarketing Labs, The Burda Community Network, FischerAppelt, miss Media and Mixtvision. 

The Print Power campaign aims to reach out to marketing, media and advertising professionals to reinforce the power of print media and explain its role in modern, integrated marketing programmes, using facts, case studies and inspiration.