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18 . 04 . 17

Why the French mail market delivers

Words by: Print Power
We look at the tool French media agencies use to measure the impact of an advertisement and how long that message will be remembered for

β - score of various channels


Known as the β-score, this method of measuring media memorisation indicates how many people remember a message after the first exposure. 

The score shows that media, and not only the message, have a different level of memorisation. An overview of all media shows that cinema has the highest score (75%), followed by much lower scores for TV (17%), newspapers & magazines (10%) and posters (6%).

A separate study on the various types of mail shows a very interesting comparison: addressed (with name and address) mail scores 61% and door drops 27%.

The β-score is part of media-planning as it provides data about the wear-out of a campaign. In other word, how long should a campaign run. Using media with a high β-score will prolong the effect of a campaign. And these media will optimise the overall effectiveness of a campaign as this example shows.


The French mail market distinguish between door drops (47.9%), loyalty mail (21.4%), addressed advertising mail (17.9%) and non-retail door drops (12.7%).

The mail industry (research company Balmétrie and Mediapost and Mediapost Publicité) tells us that the French read on average 10.9 mails a week (5.1 door drops, 2.5 loyalty mailings, 2.0 addressed advertising mail and 1.3 non-retail door drops). And they distinguish between 8 different reader segments based upon the readership of addressed mail and door drops.

Other media usage and brand interest of these eight segments allows to address them in a more precise way. This insight is also appreciated by advertisers as addressed mail is among the top three of CRM tools used.

For more information about the French mailing market check out this booklet from La Poste and Mediapost Publicité.