About Print Power

Who is Print Power?

People today appreciate and expect choice. It’s a statement that rings as true in the aisles of your local supermarket as it does at home when selecting your viewing choices.

And so it is with media. While we consume an increasingly digital-rich diet, our appetite and appreciation is for a more diverse menu.

Print delivers that diversity to the media mix, in a highly creative, complementary fashion – offering levels of trust, attention and physical engagement that other channels simply cannot.

That’s not to say print advertising should be a marketer’s first (or only) choice when deciding how to apportion spend – simply that it would be foolish not to consider it alongside the other options.

In fact, Print Power believes that advertising in print media – be it newspapers, magazines, DM, door-drops, customer magazines or catalogues – can help to amplify the impact of other channels, including TV and digital, and increase the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

And we aim to demonstrate this by serving up essential facts, stories, expert views and insights – content that gives brand owners, and decision-makers in media and advertising agencies, the evidence and confidence they need to factor print into their budget planning.

Ultimately, though, we want to sit down with our audience, understand their needs, and stimulate debate around the role and value of print advertising in the media mix – with a view to bringing perceptions a little closer to the reality.

Based in the UK, France and Germany? Good news! We’re active in these countries.

For more information, simply reach out to us at [email protected]