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11 . 09 . 17

How ASDA reconnected with customers

Words by: Print Power
How the supermarket brand refreshed its communications strategy through a customer magazine

The power of print at a glance

  • Total combined ABC of 1,840,333 (ABC Jul – Dec 17)
  • 92% of Asda customers said Good Living encouraged them to go on and purchase a product they had seen in the magazine
  • 85% of readers said it encouraged them to search for products featured in the magazine
  • 74% said it encouraged them to look for products online

ASDA wanted to build a consistent theme for their consumer facing magazine, website and social platforms that will help consumers make purchase decisions. In order to do that they needed to gain a deep audience understanding, insights and decades of editorial experience. Teaming up with Hearst, they decided to deliver on this aim by producing a magazine that offered lifestyle content of their target audience.

Previously, ASDA’s strategy was to communicate with audience with a sales focus, the challenge was to establish a person centric direction across the magazine, website and social platforms. In order to do that they needed to understand the audience lens and communicate with a shopper focus, readjusting the existing strategy to blend product with lifestyle content. There was an opportunity for ASDA to transition from producing solely food content, to a platform of rich lifestyle content including health, beauty, fashion and features.

Defining the audience, ASDA decided to put mums at the centre of their strategy by creating a brand ecosystem around their wants and needs, lifestyles and shopping habits. They established a specific tone of voice, look and feel and set of content pillars that worked hard to deliver ASDA’s proposition: ‘Save money, live better’ and adding top editorial content which includes ideas and inspiration, money confidence, lifestyle support and in essence set out to show the audience that ‘good living’ is easy with ASDA. This ethos ran across their print magazine, website and social media platforms.