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29 . 08 . 17

How IKEA unleashed the power of the "Bookbook"

Words by: Print Power
The retailer's ingenious campaign to capitalise on print media engagement and save its catalogue from extinction

The power of print at a glance

The video was initially launched for the Singapore and Malaysia markets however, its popularity soon spread worldwide. 

  • Over 6,000 people organically uploaded photos of themselves on Instagram alone interacting with their own ‘BookBook’
  • 8% increase in total sales across stores in Singapore, 13% increase in total sales in Malaysia
  • Over 1 million social media interactions across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • The video retained 70% of their Malaysian and Singapore viewers until the very end compared to an industry average of just 40%
  • Over 19 million views on YouTube alone.
  • 433k views from Singapore and 440k from Malaysia within the first few weeks of launch
  • The video outranked both Apple’s and Samsung’s new product videos on Mashable’s list in September 2014
  • #1 most watch video in Singapore and #3 in Malaysia in September 2014

Every year, IKEA prints around 200 million copies of its catalogue in 27 languages for over 38 countries, distributing millions to homes free. Despite its tremendous reach, the catalogue faced criticism of being junk mail, particularly in an online world. While distribution has stayed the same, less people remembered receiving it. The catalogue was under threat of being seen as irrelevant due to the uproar of digital marketing.

IKEA needed a way to get its audience’s attention in order to have a wider impact at the launch of its new catalogue. They also wanted to remind their audience of the wonderful properties that only a tangible catalogue can deliver. By doing this IKEA aimed to raise awareness for the launch of the catalogue and get people excited once more about receiving and using it.

To remind people that the IKEA catalogue was a more holistic sensory experience than digital platforms, they created an online campaign that compared the print catalogue against technology. A video which was a parody inspired by the highly pioneering Apple device the ‘MacBook’, creating a marketing concept that inspire a nostalgic love for the ‘BookBook’, which was still relevant in a digital age. 

The video reinforces the values of the brand while remaining humorous and engaging. The video further emphasises the accessibility and easy use of the catalogue, which could be either delivered free or obtained in-store. Offering beautiful, yet simple designs to the masses is at the core of what IKEA strives for and this is also reflected in the carefully crafted and brilliantly executed video.