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08 . 10 . 21

The Most Valuable News

Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lions 2021 winner

AGENCY Africa DDB Sao Paulo
BRAND Folha de S.Paulo
CATEGORY Print & Publishing/Culture & Content
AWARD Gold Lion

In this era of fake news, one of Latin America’s largest newspapers set out to remind its readers that newspapers present true news with true value. In addition, the 100- year old Folha de S.Paulo has been constantly attacked by governments for its independent stance and relentless pursuit of the facts. 

To make a point that the truth is as valuable as money, they created a special edition of the newspaper, printed in the same location as Brazilian currency and using the same criteria. Looking like broadsheet-sized notes, the eyecatching pages feature security paper, a watermark with light and dark tones, elements visible to UV light, fluorescent fibres, holographs, microlettering, microprints, micro-perforated numbering and tactile printing. And on the pages, you can read stories about the most recurring themes in fake news. 

Money really does talk. The issue not only throws the spotlight on unreliable news, it promotes the message that professional journalism and trusted news channels have never been more valued. 

It’s raw and it’s real. And it doesn’t look the other way. This is a ‘valuable’ piece of work.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon