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The Tampon Book: A book against tax discrimination

Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lions 2021 Winner

AGENCY Scholz & Friends Berlin
BRAND The Female Company
CATEGORY Challenge Brand/Culture & Context
AWARD Gold Lion

In Gemany, you can tuck into luxury items like caviar that’s taxed at only 7 percent. Yet essentials like tampons once commanded a whopping rate of 19 percent. 

That was before organic female sanitary product retailer The Female Company outsmarted the law - by selling tampons inside a book that’s taxed at 7 percent. 

The first print run of 1,000 books sold out immediately, and copies were sent to journalists, along with a call to sign a petition urging the German parliament to reconsider the discriminatory tax. A supportive network of influencers and journalists pushed their agenda, and on 7 November 2019, victory. The German government finally abolished the tampon tax. 

Tampon tax? I always think WTF! The first print run of The Tampon Book, with stories about menstruation from biblical times to today, sold for the same price as tampons, And it sold out in a day. A creative idea that challenged a societal injustice.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon