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Enjoy Before Returning

Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lions 2021 Winner

AGENCY Publicis Italy Milan
CATEGORY Print & Publishing/Customer Durables
AWARD Bronze Lion

Have you ever taken an item of clothing back to a shop after wearing it once? Then you’re guilty of ‘wardrobing’. The act of buying clothes, wearing for an occasion, then returning for a full refund. And it’s costing the fashion industry $15 billion a year. 

Realising that wardrobing might be here to stay among gen z and millennials, DIESEL adopted a ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ attitude and actively encouraged shoppers to ‘Enjoy Before Returning’ - a returns policy that was slapped all over their fashion visuals. 

Wardrobing typically spikes during fashion events, so DIESEL made their Return Party at London Fashion week accessible only to those who proudly put their label on display, no matter the brand. And photos on social media of people wearing DIESEL items with the tag out counted as a valid discount coupon for their next ecommerce purchase. 

The result? Returns reduced by 9 percent and they got an 24 percent increase in new customers. 

Brands that deliver the experience of shaping culture and having a social purpose (without resorting to woke-washing) will be the ones to remain relevant. And this is a beautiful example of just that.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon