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25 . 01 . 17

How personal mags improved Ethias customer loyalty

Words by: Print Power
Making new customers feel welcome, reducing churn and stimulating cross-selling are all challenges for any insurance business, including Belgian company Ethias
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The power of print at a glance

  • 87 per cent of readers rated the content highly, while 54 per cent had promised to visit the local office
  • Magazine recipients are twice as likely to request an additional quote and three times more likely to actually purchase additional insurance

Ethias wanted to develop a customer communication solution that would help to make new customers feel welcome and encourage them to invest in more products, while emphasising its high-service level approach.

Working with print specialist Symeta and content marketing agency Head Office, together the companies developed a fully-personalised customer magazine that would be individually titled and include content based on the customer’s language, location, age and insurance product group.

The print quality was indistinguishable from offset, making it appear professional. This could be produced thanks to the capabilities of the HP T200 Color Inkjet Web Press and the HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press. Symeta was able to produce over 40,000 magazines each year. By printing in specific batches, Ethias can take advantage of low postage rates.