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26 . 06 . 24

Frankfurter Allgemeine – 100th edition of print campaign

Words by: Print Power
June marks a significant occasion for the advertising and marketing industry as it gathers in the French city of Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2024. This year, one newspaper campaign that has garnered much acclaim is the powerful tribute by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) featuring Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer. The campaign not only stands out for its profound message but also for its execution, earning several prestigious awards at the festival.
FAZ_print-newspaper-ad_Cannes_Award_Friedlaender_.png (1)

The FAZ campaign centres on a striking image of Margot Friedländer, now 102 years old, seated amidst the more than 2,700 concrete steles of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Clutching the F.A.Z. newspaper, Friedländer's portrait serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of historical awareness, vigilance, and resistance against rising intolerance. True to the signature style of FAZ’s campaign, Friedländer's face is partially obscured by the newspaper, emphasising the idea that there is always a brilliant mind behind the pages of the publication. This image is not merely a portrait but a powerful narrative of resilience, education, and the duty to remember.

FAZ_newspaper-ad_Singer.png (1)

For over 25 years, FAZ has celebrated influential figures through its iconic photo series “Brilliant Minds.” This campaign features distinguished individuals deeply engrossed in reading the newspaper, with their faces hidden, set against backdrops that symbolise their contributions to society. Through this series of 2/1 page newspaper ads, FAZ honours those who drive global political, economic, social, and cultural dialogues, showcasing their intellect and influence.

The success of the FAZ campaign can be attributed to the collaboration between FAZ and the creative agency Scholz & Friends Berlin. The renowned film director Wim Wenders captured the powerful image of Margot Friedländer, adding a layer of visual storytelling, resulting in a campaign that not only honours a remarkable individual but also reinforces the importance of remembering the past to inform a more just and enlightened future via the trusted source of a newspaper.

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin

Brand: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Photographer: Wim Wenders

Category: Industry Craft -  Grand Prix, Design - Silver, Industry Craft - Silver, Print & Publishing - Bronze