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Winning campaign recruits teachers

Words by: Print Power
The recent Magnetic Spotlight Awards 2020 winners include the best of UK campaigns using magazine media as part of the mix. Reading the results of these multimedia cases one can only conclude that magazines are the foundation of campaign effectiveness.

The Best use of Print winner was Department for Education with their campaign ‘Get into Teaching’. Recruiting more teachers was the main objective of the campaign that could benefit from the ‘Teaching Shapes Lives’ and ‘Every Lesson Shapes a Life’ campaigns.

A campaign was created to demonstrate how the influence of one teacher can cause a positive chain reaction that is passed on to peers, family, future family, future friends,  and future colleagues, and to show how good teachers not only shape individual lives, but future communities.

The campaign consisted of celebrity influencer videos series across the four magazine brands (Cosmo, Elle, Men’s Health and Digital Spy) and distributed via IGTV (Instagram TV). The videos showed how teachers can have such a significant impact on people.


Editors’ ‘Thank you letters’ to their teachers, interviews with inspirational teachers and advertorials next to career sections were part of the print component of the campaign.

 The print activities were further supported by socially led video content, bringing the stories to life and drive engagement.

 The results of the campaign justify the Award:

  •  51% took a direct action as a result of seeing the campaign
  • 27% of all respondents said that they would consider a career in teaching
  • The campaign was particularly successful among the 18-34 audience
  • Articles dwell time exceeded Hearts benchmarks


For further details of the campaign: Magnetic Spotlights Awards 2020