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Print ad teasing new album Rolling Stones

Words by: Print Power
Only a couple of months ago, in August, somebody spotted a small ad in the Hackney Gazette, a local London newspaper with a weekly circulation of less than 1500 copies.

The ad appeared to reveal the title of the Rolling Stones new album with an announcement for a fictional glass repair business.

For the well-informed reader several cues pointed at the Rolling Stones. 
The copy of the ad uses some well-known lines: "Our friendly team promises you satisfaction," it read. And "When you say gimme shelter we'll fix your shattered windows."

And the dot on the word Diamonds was also familiar.

The website and telephone number led to the launch event in the Hackney Empire, providing it eternal glory.


On the eve of the release of their new album Hackney Diamonds, we want to share this local newspaper advert.

Maybe, given the enormous publicity caused by the ad, it should go up for a one-off Effectiveness Award at the Cannes Lions Festival.