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Winning waterproof advertisement Go Outside magazine

Words by: Print Power
With the pandemic came a period of lethargy. All running races and trail runs in Brazil had been cancelled, and runners needed fresh impetus to get outdoors again.

Brazil’s outdoor adventure magazine Go Outside wanted to inspire its subscribers to get back into exercise. So in the form of a full-page ad, they printed a race-official running number unique to each subscriber that gave them free entry to the Kailash Trail Run.

Each ‘Take this ad for a run’ page was printed on waterproof paper and featured a QR code that the reader had to activate to confirm their place in the race. Over 55% of the ad subscriptions were activated, while one of the ads even got first place. Taking the physicality of print to a new level.

They used the format of the publication and the physicality of the insert to inspire readers to go running. Tear it out, place it on your chest and run. Print that’s highly functioning
Jens Waernes
Cannes Lions Jury member/MD Creation Scholz & Friends