20 . 02 . 23

Digital print has all the agility of digital marketing

Words by: Ulbe Jelluma
What’s the future for print advertising? In Print Power’s exclusive new Print Media Predictions 2023 e-booklet, Senior Director, Production Print at Canon Europe Jennifer Kolloczek says that to stand out from the crowd in 2023, brands should consider high quality print that makes marketing communications more powerful.

Want to know more? Jennifer’s interview is one of 8 illuminating insight pieces from leading experts in the world of publishing, printing, paper and print advertising. It’s packed with invaluable insider perspective from such prestigious names as Tyler Brûlé, editorial director of Monocle, Kevin Longhurst, head of media trading agency Magna (part of IPG), Kim Skjoldborg, professor and author of a new book on media planning and Neil Felton, CEO of FESPA.

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