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Print media will remain essential as it addresses the five senses

Words by: Print Power
This is the fourth interview in our series on Predictions 2024. This time we cover the advertising industry as it plays a key role in the position of print media. Their advice to advertisers influences decisions about which media to use to support brands. Ulbe Jelluma spoke with Christian de la Villehuchet, Global Chief Integration Officer from advertising group HAVAS. Christian is also the President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) and therefore a voice of the industry.

Ulbe Jelluma: We live in uncertain times with political, economic, technological and climate changes. What will be the challenges and opportunities in your industry?

Christian de la Villehuchet: I'd love to think positively about the world despite these times. In the future, more people will have access to mass consumption, mostly from emerging countries, more brands will be created, largely coming from new digital services and more channels will connect these people and brands. So mechanically, the communication industry will continue to grow, as is the case already!
This is a fabulous opportunity, yet the challenge for the agencies world is to own a significant part of this growth whilst social platforms, media, and tech companies will also fight for it.

UJ: The most important themes are without a doubt AI and sustainability. How does that impact your industry and what kind of opportunities does that offer?

CdlV: AI is an amazing transformation that will raise the bar of human creativity which otherwise can be replaced.

Photography has not killed painting, it has killed poor painting and enabled new movements like impressionism, or surrealism to emerge.

Sustainability is the absolute priority if we want to save the planet.. the advertising industry has a major role to play, being the only one that can both influence the advertisers and the citizens/consumers. We are a force for good and it is time to prove it to the world.

UJ: Sustainability is becoming an important factor in media planning, does the advertising industry have adequate tools to compare the online and offline channels in terms of their environmental impact?

CdlV: As president of the EACA, I can tell you tools are now being developed by major networks. As a Havas Manager, I will specify that we have created the Havas Carbon Impact Calculator to measure around the world the carbon impact of all our campaigns from a creative, media, digital and event standpoint.


Christian de la Villehuchet, Havas, Global Chief Integration Officer, President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA)

UJ: Technological change is going much faster than consumer acceptance and usage. In France for example, almost a third of the population (16 m people), including the group of 18-24 years, express their lack of sufficiently mastering online skills. Should brands and agencies continue to cater for this group via print media?

CdlV: I am Vice President of We Tech Care, an association that fights against digital fracture and I confirm these facts. It impacts all generations truly!

Print will remain essential for these populations but more broadly as it addresses the 5 senses, unlike digital which is a non-physical media which only stimulates 2 of the 5 senses, sight and hearing.


"The advertising industry is a force for good and it is time to prove it to the world"
Christian de La Villehuchet
Havas | Global Chief Integration Officer President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA)

UJ: Some voices in the industry say that the future of print media, such as newspapers, magazines and brochures, is in the high-quality segment featuring special papers, more enrichment techniques and quality content. Is there a marketing interest in this premium offline segment?

CdlV: Just Open Harpers Bazar, Elle or Marie Claire and you will get the answer! Premium and Luxury brands need to be communicating in a media environment that looks like them and this high-quality market will continue to grow

UJ: What role do you see for advertising in print media in the next 5 years?

CdlV: Advertising is about creating interest and awakening desires. Delivering quality content that is meaningful to the audiences in a multi-sensorial environment is key to achieving this and this is what Print Media is all about.

It is here to stay even if within an everyday more fragmented environment, its share of spending could erode.


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