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04 . 05 . 18

Forget volume – print magazine advertising is the value play

Words by: Print Power
Magnetic research shows that magazine media makes us spend more – £4,200 more – when buying a new car and highlights the advantages of print advertising
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A report by Magnetic – Accelerate: How Magazine Brands Influence Motors Purchasing – shows that when it comes to cars, magazine media turn ambivalence into affinity. It also highlights the many advantages of print advertising. 

Mag readers, it seems, make up a third of all car buyers – and a colossal 60% of all new car purchases. What’s more, 61% claim they’ve influenced a family member or friend when buying a car.

(Read more about print’s ability to catalyse conversations here.)

Most impressive, though, is that consumers exposed to magazine print activity tend to increase their budget by £3,500.

“A lot of short term, self-generating metrics – as seen on the web and social media – will link through to purchase. But what they sometimes hide is that, in order to drive that purchase quickly, the advertiser will sell the product at a discount,” Anna Sampson, head of insight at Magnetic, tells Print Power.

Magazines, on the other hand, actually boost spend in the short-term – and loyalty in the longer-term – by fulfilling a unique brand-building function. Says Sampson.

And don’t forget the amplifying effect they can have on digital media, too: couple the power of print with the effect of online channels, and that £3500 budget bump becomes £4,200.

Campaigns that include online video and magazine media also show a 44% uplift in very large business effects*, relative to campaigns that use online video without magazines. While a combination of magazines and online display advertising can lead to a 31% uplift – or 15% in the case of social media.

Magazine media might drive volume, concludes Sampson, “but what they really drive is value” – where value is a much healthier margin for automotive brands.

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*Very large business effects (VLBE) = top box scores on profit, sales, market share, penetration, loyalty and price sensitivity across a period of at least a year.