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03 . 05 . 18

Get the facts: PAMCo

Words by: Print Power
Data from the Publishing Audience and Measurement Company allows publishers to monetise audiences across all platforms – and get a grip on what print media uniquely adds to the mix

In their words:

“With data use and measurement coming under increasing scrutiny, PAMCo delivers a world-class audience measurement currency which is transparent and trustworthy. This new, joint industry currency (JIC) replaces NRS, which was no longer fit for purpose in a digital world where the way readers consume their media is changing at an incredible pace. The new data offers greater visibility and accountability to both publishers and advertisers, giving the industry renewed confidence in its advertising trading currency.”

Key findings:

Where Total Brand Reach (TBR) is a measure of the reach of all print and digital related content for each publisher brand.

91% of consumers view publisher content across all platforms.

- The TBR of publisher content among young audiences is high, with 93% of 15- to 34-year-olds viewing published content each month.

- The TBR of print newsbrands is greater than tablet and desktop combined. It is also 25% greater than mobile.

- The TBR of print is second only to mobile in all of the ‘popular’ newsbrands in the PAMCo data (Mirror, Daily Record, Daily Star, Sun, Evening Standard, Metro).

- The TBR of The Times and Sunday Times in print (5,417) is greater than mobile (2,556), tablet (512) and desktop (1,236) combined.

Marcus Rich, CEO, Time Inc. UK:

“This new data totally changes the way advertisers and agencies can work with publishers. With PAMCo’s launch, published media is the first medium to provide them with the ability to plan audiences across all platforms.

“From a magazine perspective, one of the biggest benefits is the breadth of brands that are now measured. Previously on NRS PADD, there were 14 brands, and now there are more than 70.

“For published media – and magazines in particular – the story is very strong for attention and engagement. PAMCo shows us that magazines are highly trusted (83%), that reading them is seen as time well spent (90%), that they have a close connection with the reader (69%) and offer a unique experience (69%).

“Now advertisers and agencies have the validation they need around scale and the profile of the print media audience.”

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