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Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lions 2021 Winner

AGENCY Scholz & Friends Berlin
BRAND Berliner Philharmoniker
CATEGORY Design/Communication Design
AWARD Bronze Lion

How can you experience the exquisite symphonies of an orchestra without actually hearing them? Through cymatics - the study of visible sound and vibration that brings sound to life in front of your eyes. 

It’s this technique that Berlin’s Scholz & Friends used to visualise the acclaimed sound of the Berliner Philharmoniker. At a time when Kirill Petrenko took over as chief conductor, they wanted to portray his and the world-class orchestra’s passion and energy as a graphic concept. 

Each musician’s sound was transferred by loud speaker onto thin metal Chladni plates holding sand. Acoustic waves vibrated through the plates to produce intricate lace-like patterns in the sand. 

Visually stirring optical images of the orchestra’s powerful energy were used on posters, postcards and ads to literally amplify the orchestra’s brand image and support increasing ticket sales. 

How do you make something that can only be heard, visible? Giving a visual view to the orchestra’s acoustic perfection must have been pure joy.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon
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