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Courage is beautiful

Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lion 2021 Winner

AGENCY Ogilvy London
CATEGORY Print & Publishing /Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
AWARD Grand Prix

Dove is renowned for redefining what we perceive as beauty. Their iconic adverts swapped out airbrushed professional models for real women in all their idiosynchratic glory. Their images resonated with people of all shapes and sizes and asked them to be comfortable in their own beautiful skin. 

But as other brands adopted similar messaging, and with the feeling that conversations around beauty seemed superficial in a pandemic, Dove repositioned its brand to celebrate the strength and determination of real healthcare workers. Their powerful print ads are stunning in their simplicity, featuring frontline workers with the ravages of PPE marked on their faces. 

This show of gratitude to people risking their lives was rewarded with the Cannes Lions top award, the prestigious Grand Prix. 

The best print campaigns stand the test of time. This will certainly be that. It has social relevance, captures a moment in history, catches attention and makes an impact for all the right reasons.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon