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30 . 08 . 21

Cannes Lions Bronze Winner: Fireproof Paper

Words by: Print Power
Cannes Lions 2021 Winner

AGENCY Hoy Buenos Aires
BRAND Noticias de la Comarca/SeSocio/Fundación Bomberos de Argentina
CATEGORY Print & Publishing/Social Behaviour
AWARD Bronze Lion

Forest fires have wreaked havoc in the southern Argentinian region of Patagonia, and 95 percent of them have been caused by human carelessness, usually started by using newspaper as kindling. 

To raise awareness of the devastation that irresponsible behaviour can cause, and to raise money for the Firefighters Foundation of Argentina, HOY Buenes Aires collaborated with multiple partners to produce the first fireproof newspaper. Having stopped presses during the pandemic, this was a one-off edition of local digital Patagonia news channel Noticias de la Comarca. 

Chemically treated with a flame-retardant liquid, the 500 print run was sent out to national media, influencers and locals. A hard-hitting, but profound way of spreading a message about protecting the area’s forests for the future. 

It hit home. The campaign had a reach of 14.2m, increasing donations to the Firefighters Foundation by 500 percent. 

A clever, innovative response to a huge environmental issue. Effectively designed to spark awareness, combat irresponsible behaviour and drive donations.
Sonoo Singh
Founder/Creative Salon