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Cannes winning print campaign fighting guns

Words by: Print Power
Print’s very physicality was key in hammering Change the Ref’s antigun message home and putting it directly into people’s hands.
Print-Power_Change-the-Ref _print-campaign2.jpeg (3)

Through a series of infographics that showed the extent of how fireams are the most common method in suicide, teenager and domestic violence death rates in the US, readers could turn the ad around and see the death stats ominously turn into the shape of a gun. 

A striking delivery of the bleakest message. The brilliant art direction communicates the serious statistics without you having to read the copy word for word.
Jens Waernes
Cannes Lions Jury Member/MD Creation, Scholz & Friends Group

A powerful, emotive campaign that lets the reader feel the heavy burden of holding a gun, as well as a grim reminder that guns are behind some of the most horrific data points in the US. And a stark example of how print haptics can amplify the message. 

AGENCY: Change the Ref Parkland

BRAND: Change the Ref

CATEGORY: Print & Publishing/Not-for-Profit, Charity/Government

AWARD: Bronze Lion