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Black-out poetry in a book

Words by: Ulbe Jelluma
Portugal had lived under a fascist regime for more than 40 years. Approaching the Carnation Revolution’s 50th anniversary, Penguin Books wanted to educate younger generations using the very instrument used for censorship - the blue pencil.

Agency FCB Lisbon commissioned a group of artists to reinvent the fascist constitution with illustrations and poems using words selected from the historical document. Inspired by the blackout poetry technique, the images take a symbol of repression and turn it into one of freedom.

It’s genius to give the artists creative freedom to flip historical documents of repression into a celebration of freedom. A beautifully crafted message with strong cultural resonance.
Jens Waernes
Cannes Lions Jury Member and MD Creation, Scholz & Friends Group

The powerful tome resulted in $1million in earned media, becoming a bestseller and now in its second edition. It’s being used in schools - as part of the National Reading Plan - to teach children about the revolution, and is part of collection at the Aljube Museum – a former political prison.





The first Grand Prix for Portugal


BRAND:  Penguin Books

CATEGORY: Design/Communication Design: Books

AWARD: Grand Prix: Design