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17 . 02 . 22

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Words by: Print Power
The last two years have seen some of the most disruptive periods in our lifetime. One that has impacted almost every industry. And as we’re emerging from the pandemic and its endless lockdowns, everyone - from publishers and printers to the media agencies, advertising agencies and marketers - are resetting to a new normal.
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A number of technical, behavioural and cultural shifts have taken place that could change print’s course too. The pandemic has influenced our media consumption and turned us back to lovers of paper – reflected in the success of book sales, direct mail and door drop responsiveness. Huge leaps in digital developments have seen 10 years of progress made in just two years and have spawned advances in The Metaverse, AI and cryptocurrency technology. Then there’s the spotlight on issues like climate change and mental health. All of these evolutions can’t fail to have an impact on the publishing, media, marketing, advertising and printing industry.

What’s more, in a triumph of affirmation, a number of research studies brought some positive news for those sectors producing paper, print advertisements, printed news and direct mail - that print media can provide a huge boost to digital channels and that it scores impressively highly for audience attention versus social media.

Read the predictions from:

Publishing: Juan Señor, President of INNOVATION Media Consulting

Printing & e-commerce: Ludovic Martin, founder of Print.Watch blog

Magazine publishers: James Hewes, President and CEO of

Paper manufacturers: Marco Eikelenboom, CEO of Sappi Europe

Direct marketing: Tim Bond, Director of Insight at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA UK)

E-commerce brand: Susan Fulczynski; Project and Process Manager for bonprix

Advertising & media: Ulbe Jelluma, Managing Director, Print Power Europe