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28 . 04 . 20

Reaching home-bound people effectively with door drops

Words by: Print Power
Door drops are a cost-effective way to get your leaflets, flyers and brochures into customers’ hands. They give you one-to-one moments with hundreds, thousands or even millions of potential customers. And they work. No wonder 80% of the UK’s top advertisers use door drops.

The Power of Print at a glance

  • People engage with door drops in the home, as a very attention-grabbing medium
  • Door drops do not use personal data
  • The physical nature of door drops helps engage customers
  • With advanced targeting door drops reach your desired profile
  • 73% of door drops are opened, read, filed or set aside for later

Read these two case studies on how Movember (the movement raising awareness for men’s health issues) and Sky have had success through using door drops. And download the Royal Mail Market Reach ‘Guide to Door Drops’ for effectively using door drops for your business.

Case 1: Movember

The Movember charity needed to reach new donors, engage them, and encourage sign up for their 2018 event. Post GDPR, their database was much reduced. So they were keen to find another way to engage supporters. 

Movember chose door drops because, in today's digital world, they believe a piece of print is likely to be more disruptive than an online campaign. GDPR also meant they had lost most of their database and door drops were a compliant acquisition solution that didn't require personal data. 

Whistl Door Drop Media built a targeting model using anonymised donor data to identify key postcode sectors with a high penetration potential of donors. National and regional Mosaic profiles enhanced the targeting approach. An impactful door drop followed, using the intriguing headline “Shave the Date'. Sent to 250,000 households, the mailing explained the "what, how and why' of Movember. An incentive was also included, offering a free branded razor to the first 20,000 people to sign up.


Results: 3,713 donors were generated, giving a total response rate of 1.48%  of which 79% were new donors. The campaign resulted in a ROI of £8.19 (Winner of DMA 2019 Silver Award)

Case 2: SKY 

Sky needed to attract large volumes of Freeview customers. But with research consistently showing that Freeview customers didn't usually see the value in pay TV or felt it was too expensive, the broadcaster introduced an entirely new approach to create impact and cut through to attract new customers. 

Sky grabbed Freeview customers' attention and enticed them to switch by showcasing their most popular show, Game of Thrones. This was combined with a compelling half price offer (Get the whole story for half the price) and communicated in an unusual square format to ensure doormat stand out. 


Results: acquisition (enquiries) was 15% above target and conversion (sales) 18% above target, showing that the "whole story, half the price" offer was hard for people to refuse as both an emotional draw and a rational deal.  Incremental sales beat the previous champion door drop by 22%, delivering a 1.7:1 Return on Marketing Investment (ROM). 


Click here to get the Royal Mail Market Reach Guide to Door Drops.